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September 2016

Songs of This Seasons (1)

Hi - hope you've all been doing great! One of the things I love most about the body of Christ is that we are (or can be when we choose to be) a source of strength and encouragement to one... Continue Reading →


Hi guys, Today's post and video is on a very important topic - Destiny Helpers! This is a term that is bandied around an awful lot and one we've come to lose sight of. A Destiny Helper is exactly that,... Continue Reading →


  Hi everyone! Today’s post is on Doors! Jesus said He is the Door and I love that because I’ve oftentimes found myself praying that Jesus be an open door for me. Have you? We read throughout the bible that... Continue Reading →

Relationships – Dating (Part 2)

Boundaries – “And you say he’s just a friend” So along with terminology, it’s advisable to place boundaries on relational interactions. I’ve noticed that there are girls who love the attention of all & sundry, and then there are classier... Continue Reading →

Faithful With A Few Videos – Think | Challenge | Transform Series

Today I want to introduce to you our Think - Challenge - Transform Series where we desire to do just that. Video in this series are designed to encourage you to think about issues that affect the body of Christ and challenge... Continue Reading →

Faithful With A Few Videos – My Meat Is… Series!

Today I want to introduce to you the My Meat Is... Series! Just like Jesus said, we believe that our meat is to do the will of the Father. Therefore videos in this series are based on the undiluted word of God and... Continue Reading →

Faithful With A Few Videos – Aussie & Kiwi Adventure Series

Today we feature videos from the Aussie & Kiwi Adventure Series which include a number of videos recorded when our founder travelled across the other side of the world to Australia & New Zealand. Here she shared a few messages... Continue Reading →

Revival Needs To Start In The Church – Part 2

The harsh and sad fact of the matter is that we have too many people playing church, some talking church and not enough people BEING the church. But then again you can’t be what you aren’t right? You can talk... Continue Reading →

Faithful With A Few Videos – Inspire | Motivate | Encourage Series

Today I want to introduce to you our Inspire - Motivate - Encourage Series where we desire to do just that. This series hopes to inspire you to newer heights, motivate you to work out your faith and encourage you to run your race!... Continue Reading →

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