The blog is an extract from a message written a few years ago.

3. WHO are you speaking and sowing to?

This is something I’ve learnt the hard way and if you take one thing from this post today, I beg you take this… Its NOT everything God is doing in your life and everywhere God is taking you that has to be spoken out. There are some seeds which are fragile, that God plants in your life and leaves with you until He’s ready to work and perfect it, so in the meantime it’s between you and Him. Cos a premature testimony often ends up just that, premature and cut off. It’s like you cut of the ‘imony’ and all you’re left with is the test 😦

I may be coming across as a sceptic but believe me when I say that its NOT everyone will be on the same track as you. Even with good news, friends will openly be ‘happy’ for you but secretly, they’ll be backbiting, or consumed with jealousy, harbouring malice against you, through no apparent fault of your own. Ultimately, there will be some people who will envy the fact that God is using you in ways that He’s perhaps not using them. So, if you’re gonna share your seed make sure it’s with those who will water it, not kill it. Just like when you were little and you had to ask permission to play out, I do the same with Daddy God and revealing His plans in my life. If He says no, then that’s exactly what it’s gonna be. What’s the worse that can happen if its between you and God? Nothing, exactly! Prevention is better than cure and clarity is better than confusion, so don’t put yourself in a position where you’ll find your seed, dream or God given vision being clouded and dispersed into a million different pieces. To accomplish things in life, we need discipline and focus, so a strategy that never fails is to keep your eyes and ears fixed on God. If you don’t know and you’re not sure who you can trust ask God for discernment, direction and revelation. I read somewhere, that “fulfilling your destiny requires having the right people around you” and never has a truer word been spoken!

4. WHERE are you speaking and sowing?

Words as seeds need to be spoken onto fertile ground.. That fertile ground could be anything from speaking into someone’s faith or life, encouraging an action or realising a dream. Either way, to be effect, you’ll need to speak into something that will germinate your seed. Going back to my point about fragile seeds, its not always beneficial to speak them out even if you think the audience is appropriate. Sharing something in a fellowship group or bible study may seem like a good idea because surrounded by men and women of God, you assume they’ll help water and care for your seed. However, just because the context and location is right, that doesn’t mean heart conditions are. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers, Jacob got Esau’s birthright and Cain killed Abel. So if blood could betray blood, all of a sudden, a friend doesn’t seem so infallible?! By no means am I saying don’t trust others, or be accountable to anyone, but I am saying just like jealously motivated sin in the aforementioned situations, the enemy uses jealousy to corrupt hearts and steal blessings.

This is the penultimate bit guys, stay tuned for the last part!

Spread the word, feed a spirit, encourage a soul 🙂