The blog is an extract from a message written a few years ago.

5. WHEN are you speaking and sowing?

It’s not every seed that needs to be sown ASAP. Timing is essential! It’s not everything that God has done for me that needs an immediate testimony.. U wouldn’t give a baby a bottle without testing it first. Timing! My test makes the testimony but God is the same yesterday, today and forever more, so testifying about it today, tomorrow or in one years time does not detract from His work or glory. God’s blessings still stand irrespective of time, or when we give our testimony. One purpose of a testimony is to say booyah to the devil and shout the good works of the Lord. But if God says wait, WAIT! Like I said earlier, there’s no point having a premature testimony.

In addition, there’s a time and place for everything but we sometimes focus too much on our own lives and goals that we don’t realise that in order for our time to come other things have to pass before it. This was something I most definitely learnt the hard way. If the harvest is plentiful but workers are few, perhaps God wants you to help bring in an unfinished/uncollected harvest first before moving onto you next.

For instance, if your mum says she’s making dinner, but there aren’t no clean utensil, no amount of wishing will get dinner done. Someone will need to do the washing up right? In this case, the washing up has to be done before your mum’s good intentions can be realised. And once the washing up is done, you will bear the fruit of your labour – din dins!! Just like the already present harvest will need to be taken in before you can sow new seeds for the next. After all, just like with food, there’s nothing worse than waste! Even more so in the Kingdom, nothing worse than good seeds being sown, nourished and bearing fruits only to be left to rot in the field because they’ve been ignored. Everything truly has its own time, and its human nature to rush things and want things to be done on our own time, to be made first priority. However, even if it’s not your fruit to reap per se, it’s still Kingdom fruit. So if we wanna truly walk in line with God, helping our bros and sis’, with the wider aim of advancing the Kingdom is not a bad place to start.

All in all, fruit is good for us FULLSTOP. In the natural we’re told to have our 5 a day and in the Spirit I guess we need to observe our 5 W’s with regards to our fruit. We need to understand how we are sowing, and be cautious as to what and where we do this, always be mindful of what we are intending to reap.

One last point that just came to me now… the way I see it is, If I’m gonna get my 5 a day, I need to only eat and digest good fruit yeah? This could and should be applied both physically and spiritually. If we take our 5 senses – taste, sight, touch, hearing and smell – we also need to condition and actively seek to control the kind of seeds sown via our senses. So I guess that in my life, I need to be more mindful of what is sown not only through my mouth, but sown in and through the rest of me. Something like Speak, Eat, and Be good fruit!

So there we have it, the 5W’s.. feel free to comment, inbox me if you’re stirred in anyway!

Spread the word, feed a spirit, encourage a soul 😀