The blog is an extract from a message written a few years ago when I was working in the corporate world.

After the testimony, comes the lesson and do I have a lesson for you! I never intended for it to be this long, but the Holy Spirit had His way lol! So this post will be in 2 parts.

I thoroughly believe that it would be a waste of life if we go through things and do not learn from them. It would then be an even bigger waste if we go through things and do not encourage others with them. For those of you that know me personally, you’ll know that I always say ‘you don’t have to play with fire to know that you’ll get burnt’. Experience is a teacher, so let me share the lessons. I am also going to open up to you all and share a bit more details of what I went through. The Testimony piece was very high level and I wanted to celebrate God faithfulness to the max. But I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t want to say too much, because you never know whose reading. But we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the what? The word of our what? Say what? Testimony!!!! William McDowell said regarding his ministry, God told him when he was still in uni, ‘when you make a way for what I’m saying, I’ll make a way for your message’ and that really encouraged me. This blog has never been known to mince its words or shy away from the truth, so it shan’t start now. You guys also know I’m not a consistent blogger and I only blog when led by the Holy Spirit and when I have a word in season. There are even some words the Holy Spirit has given me and I’ve wanted to blog, but the word is not in season so I can’t. Anyway, that’s a sidenote, let’s get started with the lessons learnt.


As servants of God, in all of our struggles our job is to be obedient to the plan of God. Even as I type this now I want to throw a bit on serving God & Servanthood, but I will soon blog about it when the time is right and word is ready to be released in its season. But what I will say is that the GREATEST example of sacrifice we have can be found in Luke 22 ‘“Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from Me. Nevertheless, not My will, but Yours, be done”. Obedience bows down to self and says nevertheless NOT my will but Your will. Obedience takes a look at the situation but still says ‘though He slay me yet will I trust Him’ – Job13:15. Like I mentioned in the Testimony blog, I begged and pleaded with God to get me out of my situation, to remove the cup but it wasn’t to be. I had gotten tired of constantly going through the fire and wanted out. But the Holy Spirit then reminded me of the words He ministered to me when I was serving in Chile about the posture of a servant and what it truly means to serve. It was then I remembered that it’s ok to cry out, just as long as you are still obedience. I then had to change my prayers, learn to get out of my own feelings and say to God ‘if this is where you want me to be, give me the strength to stand’. ‘Give me the strength to go through it and endure’ – after all the testimony has to be greater than the test. That’s not to say I stopped crying out, because spiritual warfare is hard, but it meant that I remained faithful to the plan of God over my life in that season.

There were a few episodes in particular, one where I was cornered in a public place and verbally attacked and another where I was blatantly lied on which pushed me over the edge, I was ready to sign out and abandon my purpose. I kept saying it’s not by force, there are plenty non-believers living a life of peace and me a child of God (a whole me!!!) has to go through this wahala. Like I said, I was all up in my own feelings and the Holy Spirit had to remind me that it wasn’t about me, it was never about me but rather about perfecting the plan & will of God. All the experiences you go through are mandatory because they are a part of your spiritual CV, they qualify you and equip you to run the race you’ve been created for. Nobody could demote David, because he had a proven track record of never losing a battle. Nobody could demote Moses, because he was a friend of God and spoke with Him face to face. Nobody could even utter to speak against Jesus, because let’s be honest, His ministry spoke for itself. God is taking you to that place that all your experiences have prepared you for. So that when it’s time to speak out people will wonder what will give you the authority to do so – but our experience will! Therefore, obedience is a must, if we cannot be faithfully obedient in the small, how then can we expect Him to trust us with the big? Though the waves are raging, we serve a God that calms the storms and walks on water. Therefore, remain obedient to the calling of God upon your life.


Back in July, we had Maximise Life Convention at my church and either Bishop John Francis or Wayne Malcolm (I forgot) prophetically said that ‘God will send people to spread good rumours about you’ and sure enough that word came to manifestation. In the midst of naysayers and attackers, God opened the eyes of others to truth and integrity. Let me add a little wrapper to this to add some flavour. I had been striving hard with my work but it never seemed like it was good enough and so I was discouraged to say the least. The work was what I was being paid to do, it was the visible expression of my time at work. Yet on the other hand, I had personally chosen to take on 7 other roles and positions within my company and on my account to develop, nurture and lead other people. All the things in this area that I had been doing, thinking that nobody cared about or even noticed, God had amplified in the eyes of men. When the time came. he literally touched the mouths of men & women to spread those rumours and turned them into my advocates. I was told that I received such glowing feedback in appraisal meetings about my people developing areas. I also received written feedback to go in my ‘folder’ and I was so touched about some of the things I read. Those people reminded me exactly who I was called to be when all I had been hearing was negativity. They spoke such words of encouragement and such fierce proclamations over me that, I was asked by the same person that had been putting me down, why I do so well in those areas and I simply replied ‘because it’s my passion’.

What this reminded me is that even though you are being attacked in one area of your life, that is no reason to abandon your call to serve others in another area. It’s like when people fall out with a person in church and stop coming to church, when you know your purpose, you shouldn’t easily abandon it because of people. God has placed people on my heart and as much as I tried to run away from it in the past, I can’t. When time seemed like it was running out and there we’re never enough hours in the day to get things done, God still managed to make time for me to develop other people. In hindsight, it’s almost as if I was propelled and driven to people the develop around me in rejection of the way I was treated. To ensure that no-one else would be put down or discouraged. I stayed true to the heart God gave me and continued to serve others in 7 other non-work related areas and God used me to make an impact there. Now He is being glorified! But imagine if I had dulled in those areas? Colossians 3:23 clearly reminds us that we work for God and not men and so wherever we are called to serve, we must do so in spite of the struggle, hardship and pain we face! Serving God was never designed to be easy, if it was, wouldn’t the whole world be doing it? The path is narrow and whilst all are called, few are actually chosen. So as a chosen people, let’s serve God with the fullness of all we have.


Now this was probably the easiest things for me to exercise, but the most poignant when I realised that others did not value it as much.

All the back and forth, the darkness, the lies, the attacks have not only made me indelibly stronger but have reinforced to me why integrity is important. They have taught me the kind of lesson that I will need in life, having done all to stand, stand! And when standing, do so with integrity!! I’ve learnt how to stand with integrity when people try to call you out of your name. When they lie on you, when they lie to your face, when they personally and verbally attack you, when they are outright mean, when they are lower than snakes, when they are duplicitous, when they plot against you etc cos the list could go on. There have been MANY occasions that I have wanted to act in flesh and to be honest, I have had every right to. There are times my heart has skipped a beat in shock or quickened with rage. Times I wanted to launch into a diatribe or write an email. There have been times I’ve wanted to pick up the phone and say ‘I can’t deal, I’m out’ but integrity to my calling, my purpose, my destiny and, above all, the God I serve has stopped me. As a Christian and ambassador of Christ, I wear that name CHRISTian with such honour that it isn’t a name I want to defame. When I see the way some Christians ruin Christianity for others by the way they conduct themselves, it saddens me. Ghandi said that ‘I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians’. So we must be careful that if we are the only Bible some people may ever read, our lives do not make us false prophets.

Therefore, integrity is a weapon when it comes to workplace warfare. Integrity is everything. I was so surprised at how much people actually knew without me having to tell them. That’s why integrity is crucial in professional industries. Names & reputations travel and hear me when I say they don’t always travel first class!! Since I can remember, my mum has always said that ‘your name is everything in this life because it is used to open and close doors’. How do people feel when they hear you’ve been invited to the same event they’re attending? What do people say and think about you? Do people believe the things they hear about? Your name and reputation is built on your character and integrity.

Words cannot express, how shocked I was to find just how many people had experienced some of what I had experience over the 3 months in one shape or form. Out of the woodwork, God sent allies, sympathisers and advisors. These were people that had always been around me in some way or another, but we were brought together for such a time as this. I was actually overwhelmed to find out that it was not just me, but there were a handful of people that had been exposed to the darkness. What saddened me was that none of them know Christ, and so whilst entrenched in the darkness, they didn’t have any Light to lead their way. God will oftentimes use difficult situations not only to build you strength, character and that spiritual CV we spoke about, but also to build your name! In this testimony, people spoke my name and others agreed with the positive that was said. If I had kicked up a stink, left in haste and on bad terms, people that God had intended to become allies, may well have become adversaries. They may very well have believed lies and negativity because my behaviour would have validated that assumption.

So as I close this piece, I want to encourage and remind you all that how you handle what is brought to your table, will not only dictate the next table you’re brought to, but where you will be seated at that very table! God forbid your destiny helpers hear that you’re sitting at their table and they ask to be moved. Instead they’ll say ‘oh I know them, invite them to this table and have them sit next to me’.

That’s all for now and I will post up the final part later!

P.s. For more encouragement on Standing in the workplace, check out Part 1 & 2 on this blog.

So let’s spread the word, feed a spirit, encourage a soul!

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