The blog is an extract from a message written a few years ago when I was working in the corporate world.

Sometimes God needs to take you through something so you can then encourage others with it! My gosh when I say I’ve been through some storms yo – but God has been faithful to bring me out of them! So give me a minute to encourage you 🙂

It was a bleak Tuesday morning, having left my house at 6am in a taxi to get the 7.06am train to Paddington I was knackered. Getting to the other side, I was on the bus heading to my client’s site just praying about the day ahead. I’ve had a very tumultuously testing last few months and the clouds had started to fade away. Wanting to keep those clouds firmly on the other side of the Red Sea I had just come through, my spirit just started to reflect on the majesty of God and so I journaled via my mobile.

Let me wrap a bit of context around this so you can understand the shift. What I’ve been going through at work has been such an attack of the highest ranking devil against my purpose & destiny in this place that it got to a point that some of the ‘episodes’ got laughable. Some of the ploys the devil used became out of this world RIDICULOUS. I found myself having to encourage myself with the blog I did back in summer on Standing in the workplace. My faith was strong but God above knows that my strength was all over the place. After 3 months of the wahala, I had grown weary in waiting for the turnaround I have been interceding for. I had given up on the spectacular testimony that I had once trusted God. Allow me to quickly praise God Almighty that even when we are weary, Jesus is constantly making intercession for us! Still, I had settled for a manageable type of testimony. I was in the valley of the shadow of death, the ghouls and lions were prowling seeking to destroy. I had simply settled for the type of testimony that said ‘God got me out alive’. The level of spiritual warfare in the first 5 weeks just had me praying and begging to be freed from the shackles of oppression. Gradually, I realised this was not going to be a short-haul flight to destination purpose, so I redirected my energies to asking for the strength to endure. With that being said, my primary focus was on getting out with my health/peace/confidence intact. My secondary focus was the devil being shamed and the darkness being uncovered and brought to light.

Since the middle of November, things had started to gradually improve but it wasn’t enough. My enemies were still waging war. It was like Jesus was still in the tomb for those 3 days and hell were rejoicing thinking they had won. All seemed quiet and slow moving on the outside, I still felt trapped and the threat of attack remained constant.

Fastforward to the beginning of December – BOOOOM Jesus stepped out of the tomb. We had a week of fasting and prayer at church and I was stirred to cry out to God for Him to triumph over my enemies – Colossians 2:15 in particular came to mind. Something within me clicked and I became resolute that I would see a turnaround in my situation. I had to call God out of His name and remind Him that I needed Him to be exactly who He said He was. My Judge, Deliver, Waymaker and my Strength, I reminded Him that by putting my trust in Him I would not be ashamed.

Unsurprisingly enough testimony came, but it came to a degree I never expected. God gave me a testimony of triumph and spectacular turnaround! It’s like God has given me a new pair of eyes, in that my problem was big but God once again showed and proved to me that He is bigger. Not only did God hinder the Egyptians when He made their chariots break down in order to let the Israelites escape, He upped the anty in a spectacular way – He parted the Red Sea. God could have earlier got me out, but He decided to do it in a spectacular way. Our God operates in the realm of exceedingly & abundantly, doing more we can ask or think! It reminds me of the Old Testament, when God did His miracles, signs and wonders so that all would know He was God!

So as I journaled en route to work, I was just taken aback with the absolute majesty and sovereignty of our God and just reflected on the life of Jesus. That very morning, I just encouraged myself in the fact that ALL creation both physical and spiritual testifies to the awesome sovereignty and greatness of our Lord! When that is the God I serve, why should I settle for anything less than a testimony of epic turnarounds & triumph? My situation was ferocious like lion but God took me out of that lion’s den. Whom shall I fear? Of whom shall I be afraid?

So back to the bleak Tuesday morning. Let me tell you a little something about our Jesus :
• Before His inception, the prophets foretold of His coming
• Before He entered the womb, angels proclaimed the coming of baby Jesus
• In the womb, baby John recognised the presence the Saviour he would spend his life preparing the way for
• As a baby, the stars declared His birth & men travelled from far to worship Him
• As a child, men marvelled at His wisdom
• In His adult ministry demons trembled at His mere presence
• At death the moon and earth shook at His ascent home!

I was ready to whip out my pulpit and have church all by myself when this jumped into my spirit. That’s the God we serve!!!

As I close, I will remind and encourage you with this: lose your mind, lose your money, lose your health and dare I say it, even lose your family BUT you must NEVER lose your understanding of who God is. Never forget the credentials of the God you serve because your ability to claim every promise of His with your faith is dependent on it. If the devil gets you to believe that the God you serve cannot do what He said He would do, you won’t speak forth those promises into existence and your battle is over. Never EVER lose your knowledge of who God is!

In context, I’m sure your problems look bad and never ending, but step back and see the bigger picture. Slot your problems & situations into the context of who your God is and just begin decreeing that it will have to bow down. Every knee will bow and tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Every line manager, boss, peer, client, friend, family, stranger or devil in hell will have to bow & confess. They will all bow down to the invincible will of God.

You’ve heard it all before, I’ve probably even blogged it too – but when it seems like all hope is gone and God’s gone quiet on you, trust and believe He is getting ready to turn your situation around.
So as you rejoice with me, I also trust God for breakthroughs, turnarounds and triumphs in your situations. I decree that This is a season of testimonies in Jesus name!

Stay tuned for the follow up post on the lessons learnt from this season which I’ll briefly jot down and post for your encouragement and enjoyment 🙂

So let’s spread the word, feed a spirit, encourage a soul!

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