Hi guys,

Today’s post and video is on a very important topic – Destiny Helpers!

This is a term that is bandied around an awful lot and one we’ve come to lose sight of. A Destiny Helper is exactly that, something that helps you fulfil your destiny! Unfortunately not every friend you have is one of those, and that is ok.

In Judges 7 we read about Gideon’s assignment given to him by God. Gideon was one of God’s best warriors and He sent him to go to the camp of the Midianites to final deliver Israel out of their hands. God has assured him victory but Gideon lacked the confidence to believe the promise of God. Therefore, God used Gideon’s faithful friend Purah to push him into his destiny.

Believe me when I tell you that EVERY one of us needs a Purah! So without me giving away too much, watch the rest of the video to find out why!