About the Founder

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Coming to Christ whilst studying a history degree at the University of Cambridge, Tolu has since lived a life radically sold out to Jesus. As a blessed communicator, Tolu received direction from the Holy Spirit that she was called into the Christian Ministry; a calling that has since been confirmed by Apostles and Pastors in the Body of Christ.

As a gifted orator, preacher, servant and motivational speaker, Tolu is the self-proclaimed ‘Holy Ghost Terrorist’, who has been set ablaze with an unwavering commitment to depopulate and push back the kingdom of hell. She desires to be highly effective on the earth, strategically used in the Heavens, and feared in hell. Tolu is trusting God that we will see the church walk in greater degrees of authority and power which is made manifest as the dechurched to come back to Christ and the unchurched follow Jesus Christ.

With a strong burden to seek and save the lost, Tolu is also a seasoned missionary having served in Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, South America and cities across the UK. Tolu has held a number of leadership positions in and outside of the church, and until 2018 she served as the leader of the Missions team within a London based church.


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Faithful With A Few Ministries was formed in 2015 and birthed out of a God-given mandate to equip believers with the tools required to live a life committed to the pursuit and fulfilment of purpose. Growing tired of a world where lukewarm is now the norm, Faithful With A Few Ministries seeks to prepare a people who will take their place in the Kingdom, affect the world around them, and return the glory back to God.

Based on the Parable of the Talents found in biblical scripture, it is our desire to help people to not only identify and invest their talents, but to reap a bountiful harvest through application and faith. We serve an audience of One, and hope that one day we will hear those beautiful words “well done my good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21)

We are a UK registered organisation 10376686.