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Don’t Let Your Blessings Pass You By!

Hi Guys, Today's post is partly a word of wisdom and partly a warning to us all. When I grasped the revelation found in the book of Mark chapter 6, it changed my life and the way I discerned the... Continue Reading →

Fall Back (Pt2)

Hi Guys, I hope you enjoyed part one – which can be found HERE I’m back with part 2 where I get right into the meat of this revelation. I love the profundity and parallels that can be found in the... Continue Reading →

Fall Back (Pt1)

Hi guys, Today's update is one that will bless you immensely. I stumbled across the power of this verse when I came across a Facebook status written by worship leader Matt Gilman. So since I'm a bit of a nerd,... Continue Reading →

Songs of This Seasons (2)

Hi - Hope you've been blessed. I'm back with another instalment of Songs of This Season, where I'll be sharing a few praise & worships songs that have really blessed and encouraged me. I first encountered some of these songs years ago... Continue Reading →

Everything Flood Out

Hi Guys, So there I was minding my business when I came across a phrase that tantalised my brain and lead me to spend time studying Noah & the Flood in the Old Testament (more will be revealed in the... Continue Reading →

Victory Belongs To Jesus

Hi guys, Since the beginning of the year I've gone through some extremely very challenge times but this word came to me just at the right time, and reminded me of the victory we have in Christ. The title is... Continue Reading →

He Makes Us Great!

Hi everyone, Today's post and video is taken from 1 Chronicles 29. In this chapter David commits his offerings to the Lord for the rebuilding of the temple and then goes on to praise and bless the name of God. One of... Continue Reading →

Repentance That Turns The Hand of God – Jonah 3

Hi again, Today I'm looking at the well known story of Jonah but taking a different twist on it. We all know God sent Jonah to the people of Nineveh to declare a judgement but Jonah fearfully ran away from... Continue Reading →

Songs of This Seasons (1)

Hi - hope you've all been doing great! One of the things I love most about the body of Christ is that we are (or can be when we choose to be) a source of strength and encouragement to one... Continue Reading →

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