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He Makes Us Great!

Hi everyone, Today's post and video is taken from 1 Chronicles 29. In this chapter David commits his offerings to the Lord for the rebuilding of the temple and then goes on to praise and bless the name of God. One of... Continue Reading →

Repentance That Turns The Hand of God – Jonah 3

Hi again, Today I'm looking at the well known story of Jonah but taking a different twist on it. We all know God sent Jonah to the people of Nineveh to declare a judgement but Jonah fearfully ran away from... Continue Reading →


  Hi everyone! Today’s post is on Doors! Jesus said He is the Door and I love that because I’ve oftentimes found myself praying that Jesus be an open door for me. Have you? We read throughout the bible that... Continue Reading →

Faithful With A Few Videos – Think | Challenge | Transform Series

Today I want to introduce to you our Think - Challenge - Transform Series where we desire to do just that. Video in this series are designed to encourage you to think about issues that affect the body of Christ and challenge... Continue Reading →

Faithful With A Few Videos – My Meat Is… Series!

Today I want to introduce to you the My Meat Is... Series! Just like Jesus said, we believe that our meat is to do the will of the Father. Therefore videos in this series are based on the undiluted word of God and... Continue Reading →

Faithful With A Few Videos – Inspire | Motivate | Encourage Series

Today I want to introduce to you our Inspire - Motivate - Encourage Series where we desire to do just that. This series hopes to inspire you to newer heights, motivate you to work out your faith and encourage you to run your race!... Continue Reading →

Standing Against The Odds – Part 2

God places you in the place He wants you to sow seeds and in doing so, those seeds can very often take root and flourish. The one thing He doesn’t always promise is that the ground will be fertile or people will be receptive to your sowing.

Faithful With A Few Videos – Mild Musings Series!

Today I want to introduce to you the Mild Musings Series. This is a collection of short and snappy videos on a collection of ideas, issues or topics from a Christian perspective. Stay Connected Follow our founder on social media, subscribe to... Continue Reading →

Relationships – Dating (Part 1)

The blog is an extract from a message written a few years ago. So I was minding my business, just living life back in May and somebody tweeted the link to a preach by Paul Washer called ‘Are You Ready... Continue Reading →

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